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OH&S Magazine | How to Avoid the Price Explosion in Disposable Gloves, February 2021
In today’s world, disposable gloves have become both increasingly scarce and expensive, making alternatives more necessary than ever. (More...)

Press Release | CDC/NIOSH Study Shows Gaiters Efficiently Prevent Germ Spread
A joint study from the CDC and NIOSH revealed that neck gaiters are as effective or in some cases even more effective than cloth or surgical masks in preventing transmission of aerosol particles that may spread COVID-19. (More...)

Crain's Chicago Business | Local Companies Making (More) Seriously Cool Stuff, October 2020
Magid, most recently it launched a product line with "instant cooling" innovations to reduce the number of heat-related illnesses in the workplace and job site. (More...)

Construction Executive Management | Tools to Prevent Heat Illness on the Job
If employers take the proper steps on every jobsite, there’s no reason anyone should have to suffer the potentially devastating effects of heat illness. (More...)

ISHN News | PPE Designed to Help Workers Stay Productive Year-Round
Whether your team is toiling in the outdoor heat or inside a hot facility, it’s better for your workers and better for your production to help everyone stay cool. (More...)

Green Industry Pros | Magid is Taking Heat Stress Seriously
In this episode of the Grass Roots Podcast, Green Industry Pros Editor Ryan Whisner discusses heat illnesses and Magid Cool with product management specialist Adrianna Carrera. (More...)

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update | August 2020
COVID-19 coronavirus has disrupted the supply chain for products manufactured in China. We want to assure you that we have enough inventory of affected products to meet existing customer demand. (More...)

Heat Stress Preparedness | SN Podcast Recording | Bob Gardner and Adriana Carrera
In this episode of Safety Talk Adrianna Carrera of Magid and Bob Gardner of Abco Safety share their knowledge and expertise about heat stress. Their insights will help us to better prepare our teams against the potential risks our workers could face in various environments of extreme heat. (More...)

OH&S Magazine | The Magic of New Technology, July 2020
Here’s a roundup of some of the latest PPE technologies and why these claims are the new reality in OH&S Magazine. (More...)

Press Release | Magid Wins the ISHN Reader’s Choice Award for Two New Innovations in Safety
Magid is proud to announce that the readers of Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN) have awarded Magid the 2020 ISHN Reader’s Choice Awards for two new innovations in the Protective Clothing and Impact Resistant Hand Protection categories. (More...)

Magid is Revolutionizing Industrial Heat Safety with Magid® Cool Powered by MISSION® — a New Line of Cooling PPE
Magid working alongside cooling gear leader MISSION® and heat stress pioneer The Korey Stringer Institute at UCONN to provide heat illness solutions and awareness. (More...)

Magid In the News | Magid Provides 3 Million Masks to the CDC Foundation
Magid joined Google in their pledge to provide 3 million masks to the CDC Foundation. Learn more about this partnership and donations to local health departments to help keep frontline workers safe! (More...)

Magid In the News | ABC Wisconsin TV Covers Partnership Between WHCA/WiCAL and Magid
NBA and Bucks legend Abdul-Jabbar supports the partnership between Magid and WHCA/WiCAL to provide long-term care health providers on the front lines with personal protection equipment. (More...)

Press Release | WHCA/WiCAL Announces PPE Partnership with Magid
NBA legend & former Milwaukee Bucks player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his management company, Iconomy, LLC, in creating a partnership between WHCA/WiCAL and Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Company LLC. (More...)

Magid In the News | CMS Wire Covers Magid Donations Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic
Magid has donated more than 275,000 PPEs to hospitals, first responders and front line workers, people who have been essential through this crisis. (More...)

Magid Discontinues Free Mask Testing Service
As of May 11, 2020, Magid has discontinued our free mask testing service. (More...)

Magid in the News | U.S. Chamber of Commerce; How to Use Recruitment Marketing to Hire During Coronavirus
Jennifer Almodovar, vice president of human resources for Magid, explained the importance for employers to communicate and build an experience that highlights the benefits of a company in a way that resonates with candidates. (More...)

Magid in the News | Wall Street Journal Faulty N95 Masks Hamper Hospitals on Coronavirus Front Line
The Wall Street Journal interviews Magid on faulty N95 masks being sent to hospitals who are on the front line of COVID-19. (More...)

Magid in the News | ABC 7 News Magid Spreads Awareness About Sub-par N95 Respirators
Magid is joining the CDC in sounding the alarm about respirators that may not offer the quality that is necessary to protect workers on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. (More...)

ISHN Magazine | Heat Illness, April 2020
Interview with Dr. Douglas J. Casa, CEO of the Korey Stringer Institute, Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Connecticut on heat illness and prevention. (More...)

Magid in the News | Mayor Lightfoot's Press Conference with Mike Strama
See our very own Mike Strama speak at Mayor Lightfoot's Press Conference. (More...)

Magid in the News | ABC 7 News Magid Donates to First Responders in Chicago
Magid several boxes of protective equipment to police officers and firefighters in Chicago. (More...)

Magid in the News | Fox 32 Chicago Magid Donates PPE to Chicago Fire Department
Magid tackles the ppe shortage of masks and gloves during the coronavirus pandemic by making sure equipment gets into the hands of first responders. (More...)

Magid in the News | Magid Works with Google to Aid in the PPE Shortage
Magid is working with Google with the goal of ramping up production of 2-3 million face masks in the coming weeks that will be provided to the CDC Foundation. (More...)

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update | March 2020
COVID-19 coronavirus has disrupted the supply chain for products manufactured in China. We want to assure you that we have enough inventory of affected products to meet existing customer demand. (More...)

Professional Safety/ASSP | Safety Culture, March 2020
The term safety culture has been on the minds of OSH professional for many years. Learn more about reducing injuries and keeping people with effective safety cultures in the March 2020 issue of Professional Safety. (More...)

Press Release | Magid® is named Illinois Family Business of the Year by the Loyola Family Business Center
We are honored to announce that the Loyola Family Business Center selected Magid as the winner of the Illinois Family Business of the Year award in their Large Business category. (More...)

ISHN Magazine | New Impact Gloves Offer Versatile Protection, October 2019
New impact glove technologies and designs mean that both heavy and light duty jobs can use impact gloves to keep hands safer from injury while keeping the wearer more comfortable. (More...)

Magid® Introduces T-REX® Flex Series® Lean – the most comfortable impact glove ever!
Magid is excited to introduce the newest innovation in light impact protection that’s unbelievably soft, cool, and comfortable, with incredible dexterity and A4 cut resistance – the T-REX® Flex Series® Lean TRX443! (More...)

Magid Wins the Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership in Hand Protection
Magid has received the honor of Frost & Sullivan’s North American Industrial Hand Protection Product Leadership Award! (More...)

OH&S Magazine | Importance of Periodically Reevaluating Your PPE, June 2019
Schedule a periodic review of the safety gear you’re using. It can keep your workers safer and more compliant and might even improve your safety program as a whole. (More...)

Magid® Introduces AeroDex™ – the lightest cut A4 work glove ever!
Magid introduces AeroDex™ – a first-to-market, lightweight shell technology that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! (More...)

Magid® Introduces the TriTek Palm™ – for the greatest oil grip ever!
Magid introduces the revolutionary TriTek Palm™ – a flexible, dual-layer glove coating that gives you oil grip without saturation. (More...)

ISHN Magazine | Innovations in Cut-Resistant Gloves Solve Common Challenges, February 2019
New innovations give you PPE that keeps your people comfortable in the cut-resistant levels they need to keep them safe – no matter what your environment. (More...)

ISHN Magazine | Medical Insights On Hand Injuries, December 2018
See why hand injuries can be particularly serious and what recovery from an injury looks like. (More...)

OH&S Magazine | New Innovations in Glove Coatings, November 2018
The latest innovations in coated gloves offer an advanced oil grip with exceptional abrasion resistance – all with the dexterity and flexibility of a traditional polyurethane coated glove! (More...)

ISHN Magazine | Protective Clothing for Extreme Temperatures, October 2018
Whether hot or cold, find protective clothing that shields them from job hazards, but keeps them even safer with compliance through comfort. New innovations have made this task easier than ever before. (More...)

Magid in the News | ABC 7 Eyewitness News Tours Magid's Headquarters
Chicago’s own Tracy Butler of ABC 7 Eyewitness News tours Magid’s Romeoville Headquarters. (More...)

Press Release | Magid Ranks 170 on Crain's List of Chicago's Largest Privately Held Companies
Magid has been recognized on the Crain’s List of Chicago’s Largest Privately Held Companies in Chicago. (More...)

ISHN Magazine | Add Fun & Creativity To Your Safety Program, July 2018
Make safety training engaging and continue their education beyond the initial session! (More...)

OH&S Magazine | Helping Hands Keep Their Cool, June 2018
New innovations focus on keeping workers cool, dry and comfortable! (More...)

Press Release | Magid® Goes Solar – and builds the Midwest’s largest rooftop solar panel array!
Magid® will soon have the largest solar panel array in the Midwest! (More...)

Press Release | Magid® Named to the Center for Companies That Care’s 2018 Honor Roll
Magid has been included in the Center for Companies That Care’s 2018 Honor Roll! (More...)

ISHN Magazine | Benefits of Custom PPE, June 2018
While many safety needs can be met with pre-existing products, there are some situations that need a custom solution. (More...)

OH&S Magazine | Hand Protection Beyond the Glove, April 2018
Hand Protection Beyond the Glove (More...)

ISHN Magazine | The Future of Glove Technology, February 2018
The Future of Glove Technology Could Involve Coreless Yarn (More...)

Magid® Introduces New Breathable Impact Gloves
They say you can’t have it all, but these gloves prove them wrong! (More...)

Magid® Introduces New DX™ Technology Work Gloves
The PPE comfort innovation you’ve been waiting for! (More...)

Magid® Introduces New DX™ Technology Protective Sleeves
Sleeves so comfortable, they’ll forget they’re wearing them! (More...)