Magid Textile Work Goves

Magid® CleanMaster® Mens and Ladies Medium Weight Stretch Nylon Gloves Magid® JerseyMaster® 7 oz. Reversible Pattern Natural White Jersey Gloves Magid® CleanMaster® SN3 Two Piece Pattern Stretch Nylon Gloves
As low as $7.44 /DZ
As low as $6.96 /DZ
As low as $11.16 /DZ
Magid® KnitMaster® Economy Style Lightweight White Machine Knit Gloves Magid® MultiMaster® 994K Lined Double-Palm Gloves Magid® MultiMaster® 64BT/64JBT Fleeced Chore Gloves
As low as $3.48 /DZ
As low as $13.68 /DZ
As low as $13.56 /DZ
Magid® MultiMaster® Standard Style White Canvas Gloves with Black Plastic Dots Magid® Greyt Shadow® High-Density Grey Knit Cotton/Polyester Gloves Magid® MultiMaster® 794JSC Double Palm Canvas Gloves w/ 2 1/2" Safety Cuff
As low as $8.28 /DZ
As low as $3.48 /DZ
As low as $16.44 /DZ
Magid® HeaterBeater® Heavyweight Hot Mill Gloves with 2" Band Top Cuff Magid® KnitMaster® T193/T193C/T193MED White Standard Weight Machine Knit Gloves Magid® JerseyMaster® 9 oz. Brown Jersey Gloves with Clute Pattern
As low as $27.48 /DZ
As low as $4.68 /DZ
As low as $5.40 /DZ
Magid Textile Work Gloves

Magid Glove & Safety knows about hand protection and we realize that in the work place custom fit is important. You want a glove that is going to fit well while still providing the protection, comfort, grip and dexterity that you need. Magid Glove & Safety is pleased to offer our own line of Magid brand textile work gloves. You can choose from a variety for materials, glove coatings and cuff types for that perfect fit. Magid textile work gloves are tested to ensure that they meet the highest levels of quality that you expect.

Find Magid brand textile work gloves that are right for you. Contact Magid Glove & Safety today.