A Rich History of Service


Experience speaks to credibility, and Magid is easily an authority in the safety business with more than 60 years of service and dedication to excellence as a leading manufacturer, distributor and importer of hand protection and safety products. Our commitment then, as it is now, was to deliver the best value in safety solutions to our customers.

Magid quickly became a widely-recognized brand name in safety after opening for business in 1946. Our ability to apply innovative thinking to all our pro
cesses established the company as a true pioneer within the safety market and continues to pave the way for other companies to follow.

Today, Magid is uniquely positioned in the global marketplace to become your single-source supplier of gloves and safety equipment. Our United States and overseas production facilities along with in-country solutions for Canada and Mexico collectively enable a powerful distribution center and manufacturing base.

While many other brands have come and gone, Magid remains one of the world’s largest, full-service PPE companies selling direct to industry. As a family owned and operated business, we've never lost sight of the fact that it is the personal attention to every detail that is the key to reaching our customers' total satisfaction. Our dedication, work ethic, strong family values and attractive price points are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to trust Magid for all your personal safety needs.

Magid stands ready to make a major commitment toward meeting your total industrial glove and safety equipment needs, and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. If you are already a Magid customer, we thank you for your business and applaud your decision to partner with a known industry leader. If this is your first experience with Magid, we congratulate you for getting on the right path toward achieving optimal PPE efficiencies. We look forward to serving you.