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Article # 3206

Antistatic Properties of Pro/Shield® 1, Pro/Shield® 2 and NexGen
Courtesy of: Kappler

Pro/Shield® 1, 2 and NexGen fabrics are treated with an antistatic agent during manufacture. The surface resistivity of Pro/Shield 1 & 2 fabrics was tested using ASTM D257. NexGen fabric was tested using BS EN 1149-1:1996.

Pro/Shield 1: 2.0 x 1010 ohm/cm2
Pro/Shield 2: 4.1 x 109 ohm/cm2
NexGen: 1.3 x 1010 ohm/cm2

NFPA 99 states that the surface resistivity of the fabric shall be less than 1 x 1011 ohms per unit square of material for it to be considered antistatic or static dissipative.

Based on this performance criteria both Pro/Shield 1, Pro/Shield 2 and NexGen are classified as antistatic or static dissipative.

WARNING: There are uses, environments and chemicals for which these garments and/or fabrics are unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the user to review available data and verify that the garment and/or fabric is appropriate for the intended use and meets all specified government and industry standards.

CAUTION: Do not use for fire protection. Avoid open flame or intense heat.