Magid® D-ROC® GPD546 Gloves with Polyurethane Palm Coating on HPPE Blended Knit Shell Magid® D-ROC® GPD590 ANSI Cut Level 4 HPPE Blended Knit Gloves with Polyurethane Palm Coating  Magid® D-ROC® SD250 Polyurethane Palm Coated HPPE Blended Knit Gloves - Incredible Softness!
As low as $6.30 /PR
As low as $7.40 /PR
As low as $6.20 /PR
Magid® ChromaTek™ CT500 Multi-Color HPPE Knit Work Gloves with Polyurethane Palm Coating SHOWA Best® Glove P541 Hi-Tech/Cut Resistant HPPE Knit Lined Gloves with Polyurethane Palm Coating Ansell® HyFlex® 11-627 Polyurethane Coated Dipped Dyneema® brand HPPE and LYCRA® Lined Safety Gloves
As low as $6.80 /PR
As low as $7.80 /PR
As low as $97.80 /DZ
Perfect Fit® by Sperian Pure Fit™ FLX Cut™ PF570 HPPE Blended Gloves with Polyurethane Palm Coating Showa-Best® Glove Atlas® PF545 HPPE Knit Gloves with Nitrile Palm Coating
North NorthFlex Light Task Plus II Black™ NFD15B
Bi-Polymer Palm Coated Dyneema® brand HPPE Knit Gloves
As low as $17.85 /PR
As low as $8.90 /PR
As low as $10.07 /PR
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Protect Yourself with High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) Gloves
Handling sharp materials and heavy equipment on a daily basis requires the right kind of hand protection to keep workers safe from cuts and scratches. Even the smallest cut can become severe and can affect workers’ performance drastically, so the proper protective gloves are critical to getting the job done while staying safe and comfortable. Machine knit work gloves made from a yarn consisting of high performance polyethylene (HPPE) fiber provide superior cut resistance and are ideal for such applications as machining, scrap metal, glass handling, automotive, HVAC and recycling, among many others.
HPPE work gloves boast a variety of features, including:
·         ANSI Cut Level 2 to Cut Level 4 protection
·         Superior abrasion and cut resistance
·         Blended fiber knit for extended wear
·         Polyurethane palm coatings add flexibility, dexterity and grip
·         Soft materials for extreme comfort
·         Work as liners for added cut resistance
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