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Q: What are the key benefits to an in-plant safety storeroom?

A: That's a very good question! The SOS Storerooms are beneficial to employees and employers in many ways:
• Offers an on-site presence with accessible safety materials
• Demonstrates the company's daily commitment to employee safety and reinforces the safety "mind set" for all employees
• Allows the company access to safety equipment 24/7
• Gives employees an active role in problem solving and the development of safety boosting product enhancements
• Only bills the company for products that were actually used during the previous month
• No inventory investment, which helps to keep costs low
• Uses the SOS safety inventory management system which includes a comprehensive employee database to oversee important safety details
• Helps give the company the product control necessary for a well managed safety program
• Bolsters company safety under Magid's knowledgeable guidance