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Appliance, Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing

Assembly, appliance, and electronics manufacturing presents multiple hazards for employees. In addition to the musculoskeletal disorders associated with repetitive assembly line work, all three industries make use of chemicals, paints, solvents, and insulating oils which can irritate or damage the lungs. Many such substances are flammable, making flame resistant protective gear essential.

From toxic gases that can damage lungs, eyes, or the respiratory system, to damage from falling objects are concerns whenever receiving, dispatching, or storing materials, properly selected and fitted personal protective gear minimizes the risk of serious injury and immediate access to first aid and emergency equipment helps your workforce respond quickly when serious accidents occur. Magid offers an extensive inventory of safety clothing and gear to help keep your workplace as safe as possible.

Whether you are looking for a custom manufactured solution or a way to reduce spend, your Magid Safety Specialist can provide options, samples and solutions that work.


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