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OSHA News and Notes - Complaint Department

In a typical year, OSHA receives thousands of complaints from workers. In 1994, for example, OSHA received nearly 31,000 complaints alleging safety and health hazards in the workplace. About 7,400 of these were formal (written) complaints, which generated 23 percent of all of OSHA's inspections for that year.

The complaint inspection average has been 24 percent of all OSHA inspections, for the last five years. During this period, between one-quarter and one-half of OSHA violations were the result of complaint-initiated inspections. Responding to complaints is a vital part of OSHA's enforcement effort. OSHA recommends that employees try to re solve safety and health issues by reporting them to their superiors, managers, or company safety and health committees. As a supervisor, it's in your best interest to resolve complaints before they are filed with OSHA, because, as the record shows, employees who bring problems to the attention of OSHA are taken very seriously.

New Software Solves OSHA Reporting Problems
Federal Law requires companies to report injuries and illnesses which occur in the workplace. The reporting and posting of these incidents as mandated by OSHA is traditionally a very complex process. In fact, the process is so complex that an 82 page booklet has been published by the U.S. Department of Labor, explaining the procedure.

A new software package, called OSHA, from MicroAge Infosystems Services (Lake Mary, FL) provides a flexible and powerful working tool to enhance OSHA record keeping and reporting of incidents. The software automates the process of reporting injuries and illnesses. By leading the user step-by-step through data collection, it increases accuracy and encourages reporting. It also makes all data collected on the OSHA 200 Log accessible for analysis - creating valuable information to help reduce future injury risk. Furthermore, it cuts through the complexity of governmental requirements and makes OSHA reporting easy.

The OSHA application is very simple to use, yet extremely intelligent in design. The forms and views contained in the application provide an easy means of capturing data, with automatic completion of the necessary forms to comply with OSHA regulations.