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Well suited for diabetic and carb-conscious industrial workers, Sqwincher® LITE contains the same electrolyte content as regular Sqwincher, (high potassium and low in sodium), without any calories or sugar. ZERO!  Sqwincher LITE aids the body by replenishing essential elements lost to heat stress and fatigue. Just add water to create the ultimate sugar free electrolyte replacement drink or enjoy one of the Ready to Drink packages.
Sqwincher LITE is available to order in a variety of packaging options and popular flavors. Contact your Magid sales representative today or call customer service at 1-800-444-8030 for a free sample and see if you can taste a difference for yourself.

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Sqwincher® 1.76 oz. Lite Powder Concentrate
 (yields 2.5 gallons)
24 packs/case
Available in:
• Lite Lemon-Lime
• Lite Orange
Sqwincher® .11 oz. Qwik Stik Lite Powder Concentrate
(yields 20 oz.)
 50 packs/dispenser, 10 dispensers/case
Available in:
• Lite Orange • Lite Mixed Berry
• Lite Fruit Punch • Lite Lemonade
• Lite Peach Tea • Lite Raspberry
• Lite Lemon-Lime • Lite Grape
As low as $107.30/CA
As low as $16.70/DP
Sqwincher® 64 oz. Lite liquid Concentrate
(yields 5 gallons)
6 units/case
Available in:
• Lite Fruit Punch
• Lite Grape
• Lite Lemon-Lime
Lite Orange
Sqwincher® 0.6 oz. Fast Pack Lite Liquid Concentrate
(yields 6 oz.)
50 packs/dispenser, 4 dispensers/case
Available in:
• Lite Orange • Lite Fruit Punch
As low as $44.80/CA
As low as $13.05/DP