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Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Facilities maintenance is just as important as any other safety needs. Just as the proper work gloves and protective clothing can keep your body safe from harm, the required facilities maintenance ensures that the workplace is functioning smoothly and safely. Properly maintained equipment and facilities reduce the risk of injury caused by failing equipment, insufficient lighting or lack of safety supplies, such as batteries and cleanroom products.

Choose from a variety of features and options:
·         Hands-free flashlights for increased performance
·         Compact flashlight designs
·         GS-tested utility knives ensure safety on the job
·         Self-extinguishing and non-conductive rubber matting
·         Wide variety of cleanroom products for any industry
Trust Magid for all your safety maintenance needs. We understand that in order to keep the workplace safe, the right equipment and supplies must be easily accessible at all times. With our extensive line of products, including area monitoring equipment, floor safety and rubber matting, safety and storage units, flashlights, lockout/tagout, safety locks, accident prevention signs and traffic control, labels, reflective tapes and adhesives, security mirrors and so much more, Magid can provide the right mix of protection to facilitate a secure working environment for even the most demanding job. You may also be interested in emergency response equipment that is designed for quick action should an injury occur.
Call Magid Glove & Safety at 800-867-1083 and start improving safety in the workplace today!