Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

Eye protection is critical in work environments that expose workers to lasers, flames, sparks and other hazardous particles that could negatively affect eyesight. Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries. Luckily, the vast majority of these injuries can be avoided by using the proper safety eyewear. Protect your workers from particles or objects striking or abrading their eyes with a wide selection of comfortable safety glasses from Magid Glove & Safety.

Choose from a wide range of eye protection, including:
·         Scratch resistant safety lenses
·         Wraparound styles for comfort and easy wear
·         Vented side shields for splash protection
·         Wide viewing surfaces
·         Easy lens replacement

Magid provides bulk safety glasses designed for every specific duty or hazard. We also offer safety goggles, side shields, lens cleaning supplies, replacement lenses and eyewear accessories for all of your eye protection needs. Whether you work in electrical maintenance, welding, construction or an industrial setting, keeping your eyes protected is crucial to staying safe while increasing performance. Set your sights on Magid eye protection for optimum performance and savings.

For more eye safety, take a look at our selection of eyewash stations and other emergency response equipment.
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