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Q: "What is the most cost-effective way to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to plant employees in a large facility?"

A: In today's "total cost" environment, this is a question we are asked often. The most cost-effective distribution program is one that always has functional, well-fitting, employee-accepted PPE at the point of use, so as to provide immediate and proper protection for the employee from job-related hazards.

Burdens to the real cost of PPE, such as the expense of personnel and equipment to move the PPE from a storeroom to the actual point of use, vary dramatically with considerations such as logistics, labor rates, control and accountability issues.

These costs go directly to the unit price of the product, furthering the benefits of providing the PPE at the point of use.

Regardless of whether or not point of use distribution is feasible for your company, the costs associated with getting the proper PPE to your employees pales in comparison to the risk associated with not providing adequate protect ion. In addition to protecting employees from job-related hazards, PPE protects the employer from the escalating costs associated with lost time accidents, medical claims and the resulting increase in medical costs and insurance expenditures. By providing PPE, companies can reduce the chance of personal risk to the employee and financial risk to the employer.