Magid® TerryMaster® Heavy Duty Seamless Loops In Terrycloth Gloves with Blue Nitrile Palm Coating Magid® TerryMaster® T918BKV Lightweight Loops In Terrycloth Gloves  Wells Lamont® 766 Jomac® Heavy Weight White Terrycloth Heat Resistant Gloves with
 Band Top Cuff
As low as $23.04 /DZ
As low as $32.88 /DZ
As low as $23.88 /DZ
Magid CutMaster®  Kevlar®/Cotton Blend Terrycloth Machine Knit Gloves Loops Out Magid® TerryMaster® PT936R/PT936RL Natural Color Extra Heavyweight Terrycloth Gloves Magid® CutMaster® Heavy Weight Kevlar®/Cotton Blend Terrycloth Knit
Glove with Thumb Crotch
As low as $47.04 /DZ
As low as $10.56 /DZ
As low as $36.72 /DZ
Magid® TerryMaster® THP1 Terrycloth Handpads Magid® CutMaster® XKS®
450 Heavy Weight
Terrycloth Machine
Knit Gloves
Magid® TerryMaster® PT936RBT Natural Color Extra-Heavyweight Terrycloth Gloves
As low as $1.32 /EA
As low as $72.00 /DZ
As low as $11.76 /DZ
SHOWA Best® Glove Atlas® Therma-Fit® PF451 Grey Knit Glove with Rubber Palm Coating Wells Lamont® 636HRL Jomac® Extra Heavy-Weight Lined Brown and White Terrycloth Heat-Resistant Gloves with Gauntlet Cuff Magid® TerryMaster® TG941RLI3N Cut and Sewn Loops-In Terrycloth Glove with Gauntlet Cuff
As low as $30.72 /DZ
As low as $110.88 /DZ
As low as $23.76 /DZ
Comfort and Safety with Magid Terry Cloth Gloves
When your everyday work routine involves hazards both big and small, you need the proper protection to keep your hands safe and ensure productivity. Magid Glove & Safety terry cloth gloves provide effective barriers against cuts and abrasions while keeping hands cool and comfortable for increased performance. Choose from light, medium and heavy weight blends, in addition to a variety of features and styles fit for any task. At Magid, we put safety first so that you can focus on getting the job done right.
Styles, features and options for Magid terry cloth gloves include:
·         Durability on the field and in the wash
·         Loops in or loops out terry cloth
·         Reversible designs and variety of colors
·         Palm coatings for added grip
·         Seamless and machine-knit comfort
·         Reduced hand fatigue
·         Superior thermal protection
·         Knit wrists for improved fit and protection
Contact Magid Glove & Safety for quality terry cloth gloves, and start building a safer, more productive workplace.