How to Buy Electrical Gloves

Electrical gloves are required when working in high and low voltage applications to protect workers from shock, burns, fires and explosions. These gloves are certified and tested according to ASTM F496 safety standards. In addition, their special composition creates a more comfortable glove for working in hazardous conditions.


Class Chart

ASTM D120 Class Specifications for Insulating Rubber Gloves
Class Chart Proof Test Voltage Max Use Voltage Label
Class 00 2,500 AC/10,000 DC 500 AC/750 DC Beige
Class 0 5,000 AC/20,000 DC 1,000 AC/1,500 DC Red
Class 1 10,000 AC/40,000 DC 7,500 AC/11,250 DC White
Class 2 20,000 AC/50,000 DC 17,000 AC/25,500 DC Yellow
Class 3 30,000 AC/60,000 DC 26,500 AC/39,750 DC Green
Class 4 40,000 AC/70,000 DC 36,000 AC/54,000 DC Orange

Electrical Glove Length Chart

The ASTM F496 Standard states that protector gloves must be worn over rubber insulating gloves to prevent mechanical damage. For each class of electrical protection, the insulating glove must be a certain length longer than the protector.


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Additional Selection Criteria

Color | Two-color gloves provide more efficient service rotation, improved compliance and easier inspection by making even the slightest imperfections more obvious, however they are also more expensive than their one-color counterparts.

Length | Gloves are 11" to 18" long, depending on which class of protection is required.

Electrical Glove Bags

Glove bags are recommended to keep electrical gloves and leather protectors together and undamaged during transport or in storage. Glove bags should not be folded and should be stored flat to avoid potential nicks.

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Electrical Glove Testing

Electrical Gloves that have been issued for service must be tested every 6 months to ensure they meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards. Magid provides this testing service using one of the most sophisticated and automated in-house Electrical Glove Testing (EGT) labs in the industry.

Testing Process
Magid is equipped to test all types of rubber electrical gloves, including Class 00 to Class 4, 11" to 18" lengths and all cuff styles to ensure compliance with ASTM F496 regulatory requirements.


1. Cleaning

Gloves are checked in, machine or hand washed and dried.

2. Inspection

A visual inspection is performed to identify punctures, tears, cuts, bruises, ozone cutting or other deficiencies.

3. Testing

Gloves are electrically tested. Gloves that do not pass are separated, recorded and stamped. The testing process is repeated for gloves that do pass.


4. Drying and Inspection

Gloves are dried and a final
inspection is performed.

5. Stamping

Gloves identified as being ready to return to service are date stamped. An auto e-mail or fax test notification is sent, along with a copy of the test report.


6. Shipping

Gloves are clearly separated by pass/fail and shipped back to the customer along with a detailed test report.

Getting Started | Contact customer service at 1-800-444-8030 to request Magid’s electrical glove testing service. Magid will auto e-mail or fax an order confirmation number with shipping procedures. Customers are instructed to write this order confirmation number on the outside of all boxes and place a copy of the confirmation inside one of the boxes prior to shipping. Or click here to purchase online.

Machine Knit | Seamless and form-fitting for improved dexterity and comfort.