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Be Proactive, Not Reactive

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Reduce your accident rates, workers' compensation costs and potential EPA and OSHA violation fines.

The Magid Glove & Safety -Hygieneering, Inc. team is now offering a comprehensive Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Program to support your operations.

Scope of Services
The objective of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Program is to provide an Initial Assessment of Occupational Health. Safety and Environmental Programs and Practices that apply to your operations. This Assessment will identify add assess health. safety and environmental risks and liabilities and will provide a prioritized action plan including costs associated with addressing and correcting these issues. To accomplish this mission, our services will be performed by experienced and credentialed Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals under the direct supervision of a staff of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals and Certified Hazardous Materials Managers. The Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Program includes the following services:

1. A site/facility review conducted over a two day period to gain an understanding of Client operating procedures, management and workforce structure, work environment and conditions and the status of written programs.

2. An assessment of the status of work practices and procedures and written programs for compliance with applicable OSHA and EPA regulations and Client Corporate policy.

3. A comprehensive review of the following safety and health programs and their critical components for completeness and applicability to facility operations;
a) Industrial Hygiene Program, air contaminants and employee exposure records (29 CFR 1910.1000
and 1910.1020)- Written program components, exposure assessment strategy for representation of the work population and potential exposures, monitoring procedures, exposure documentation, equipment calibration and maintenance, laboratory use and accreditation employee training, PPE Written program, respirator recordkeeping, maintenance, laboratory use and accreditation.
b) Personal Protective Equipment (29 CFR1910.132)- Written program, PPE hazard assessments (format and content), employee training, PPE selection/availability.
c) Respiratory Protection (29CFR1910.134) Written program, respirator selection, use, fit testing, medical evaluations, recordkeeping, maintenance, sanitation and storage.
d) Lock Out/Tagout (29CFR1910.147)- Exposure Control Plan; Equipment Specific Lockout Procedures, PPE, training and documentation.
e) Hazard Communication (29CFR19 10. ]200) -Written program, chemical inventory, MSDS, labeling of original and portable containers, training, documentation.
f) Hearing Conservation (29CFR1910.95)- Written program, plant noise survey,
dosimetry, PPE selection and effectiveness, training and documentation.
g) Confined Space (29CFR1910.146)- Written program, identification of permit required confined spaces, procedures for permit entry , monitoring and rescue, training, equipment and documentation.
h) Asbestos (29CFR1926.110Jand NESHAPS)- ACM survey, O&M program, training, air monitoring records, negative exposure assessment/historical data, medical surveillance records, abatement and waste disposal documentation.
i) Lead (29CFR 1910.1025 and 1926.62 and RCRA)- Lead survey, initial exposure monitoring records, lead compliance program, medical surveillance records, training and waste disposal records.
4. Review OSHA 200 logs to identify the types of occupational injuries and illnesses occurring with the greatest frequency and severity at the facility over the past five years.
5. Prepare an Industrial Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Action Plan that prioritizes and provides costs for actions that can be taken to minimize risk and costs associated with unsafe, noncompliance programs, procedures and conditions in the most cost effective and responsible manner.

Benefits of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit
Clients who participate in the program will receive an objective professional assessment of facility health, safety and environmental programs in place for regulatory compliance and effectiveness. This information is customized to the facility and instrumental in allocating budget dollars in the most effective manner to enable the client to take a proactive approach to reduce occupational injuries, illnesses and avoid regulatory agency fines.

Our work product has also been effective in reducing workers' compensation and liability insurance premiums and OSHA fines as it demonstrates a proactive posture to occupational safety and health.

Cost of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Program
It is estimated that the work described will require two full days for on site consulting and auditing and another two days to prepare the Industrial Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Action Plan. The fee for described Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Program is $3,500.00 (excluding travel costs. if applicable.)

The Magid Glove & Safety - Hygieneering Team looks forward to assisting you in meeting the established legal and ethical standards as they apply to safety and environmental health.

To schedule your Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Program today, please contact your Magid Glove & Safety representative. A Hygieneering, Inc. representative will then contact you shortly to schedule the commencement of the audit at your earliest convenience.